A VERY USEFUL, COST EFFECTIVE BUNDLED PACKAGE WHERE WE MANAGE ALL YOUR BACK OFFICE SERVICES, JUST LIKE AN EXTENDED OFFICE E – ACCOUNTANT : To carry out all your Finance and Accounting functions, providing up to date numbers on the progress of your business. E – TECHNICIAN : We remotely manage your IT, computers/printers/networks – you name it. E – RECEPTIONIST : We take your calls, when you can’t – extended hours support. OUR E-SERVICES INCLUDES THE BELOW OFFERS: 1. e-Office Lite -£199/ Month – This includes 25 hours of Bookkeeping, Financial Statement Preparation and Unlimited IT help desk support. 2. e-Office Pro -£399/ Month – This includes 50 hours Bookkeeping, Financial statement preparation and Unlimited IT help desk support, E receptionist support. We can customize our service to suit your need. Please contact us for tailor made set up.


  • Our chosen product is XERO, tailored for UK accounting and submission of VAT returns. XERO is a cloud accounting software which means you can access your numbers from anywhere in the world at any time.
  • This will allow you to keep track on day to day progress, run any reports at your own convenience or even check your bank balance!
  • We will look to carry out a free migration of your existing Accounts on to XERO.
  • Your Account will be managed by XERO via our XERO Partnership – which means you don′t have to pay extra for license fee and set up.


  • We host a full contact center operation at our office including a remotely managed receptionist service to take your calls when you can′t.
  • Tellida offers a tailor made setup including managing your calls, emails and/or offering a quick SMS delivery of any urgent messages, as you want. We believe that a majority of your business enquiries generally take place via the telephone and/or email, and you definitely do not want to miss them during the after hours or be late to respond to any urgent messages for follow up.