Global tutor is a company invested by Tellida, which is building a unique brand identity as a superior service provider of online education related services. Global Tutor offers a variety of Dynamic and Innovative Courses and Classes for both children and adult learners via a lively and interactive virtual platform. Live, Online sessions either on regular or on-demand basis is offered based on the requirement of the students.

The proficient Tutor panel blends their expertise in teaching with the latest technology to facilitate the users with an accurate service corresponding with the levels of each individual. The latest and effective concepts, practices, technology and the instructional design of the courses are some highlights of Global Tutor.

The service offerings include:

• Live Online Tutoring for Cambridge / Edexcel / National Curriculums. • Virtual Classroom • Platform Sharing • Learning Management System • Content Development

For students: Any student from any given Curriculum can take our online Classes and Courses either from our tutors or selecting the tutors listed.

For Teachers: Teachers after obtaining their Certified Online Tutoring License from Global Tutor can conduct their lectures online with their specified rate.

For Institutes and Schools: Schools or Institutes can partner with us to make their schools familiarize with a standard Learning Management System, allowing their students to get Global Tutor from experts for an affordable price.

Global Tutor was a finalist was EO Awards in Washington DC in 2015, Finalist for 2015 APICTA Awards and also an award winner at the 2015 NBQSA night.

How Global Tutor works